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A Rose for Emily Essay Example for Free

A Rose for Emily Essay The short story starts by telling its finish; the story starts with the burial service of the noble Miss Emily Grierson during the timeframe of the common war. The burial service turnout so large, the entire town of Jefferson joined in. The town felt liable for Miss Emily in light of the fact that they felt that she was a â€Å"tradition, an obligation and a consideration; a kind of innate commitment upon the town† (287). â€Å"The men of the town regarded Miss Grierson and saw her as a fallen monument† (287), though the ladies of the town haven’t been in the house for a considerable length of time and was seen by the storyteller to have gone to the memorial service just to get a look of within Emily’s home to perceive how she lived. The house sits on a road that was at one time the town’s most lofty regions. With the various homes supplanted with carports and cotton gins Miss Grierson’s house was the last one standing. The house was portrayed as â€Å"a large, squarrish outline house that had once been white, beautified with domes and towers and looked over galleries in the vigorously lightsome style of the seventies, set on what had once been our most select street† (287). Presently, time has taken cost, and disregard of the support has mutilated its once excellent structure. The fundamental clash in the story was Emily confronting reality, she didn’t realize how to relinquish her past â€Å"I have no expenses in Jefferson. Colonel Sartoris disclosed it to me. Maybe one of you can access the city records and fulfill yourselves† (288). Upset by her strategies, the town is becoming weary of dealing with her, â€Å"So the following day, â€Å"She will kill herself†; and w e said it would be the best thing† (291). The townspeople think she is condescending and pompous on the grounds that she believes that everything rotates around her. Disconnection from the general public made her become discouraged, troubled and insane, paving the way to her obliterating Homer. Emily was a chunky lady â€Å"She looked enlarged, similar to a body since quite a while ago lowered in unmoving water and of that colorless hue† (288). She was an old, clandestine lady, who was crushed and alone in a developing society, constraining her to remain in her job. Emily sunk into a profound mental discouragement and constrained others to see her actual character by remaining hidden, â€Å"When we next observed Miss Emily, she had developed fat and her hair was turning gray† (292). She lived a large portion of her life in seclusion and was scared by her controlling dad. At the point when Miss Emily was alive, the townspeople considered her as a money related commitment since she never made good on charges. She hadn’t paid in years, and she wasn’t compelled to pay â€Å"See Colonel Sartoris, I have no charges in Jefferson† (288). Her default dated back to 1894 when the civic chairman of the town, Mayor Colonel Sartoris, recounted to the story that her dad lent the town cash and as installment back to her dad they permitted her not to settle charges. Her dad passed on and left Miss Emily with no cash to live off of and the legacy of a rotting house. As time passed and ages went back and forth, the course of action turned into a discontent with the individuals so they made numerous endeavors to gather the long time obligation yet as resolved as they were, so was Emily. She would not react to their endeavors. At long last after various bombed warnings, the town’s board chose to make an excursion to her home planning to get a consent to fulfill the obligation. Emily hadn’t had guests in years, however welcomed by her old house hireling, the board was allowed to go into the moist stenched home and held up in the room until Miss Grierson was called. When Emily enters; little, round and wearing dark, not close to as engaging as she was once depicted, the guests confirmed their motivation. They mentioned pay for her assessments, yet Emily’s unforgiving and striking requested that she didn’t have burdens and educated Tobe, her home worker, to accompany them out, â€Å"I have no charges in Jefferson. Tobe!† The Negro showed up. â€Å"Show these men of their word out.† (288). Emily consistently needed a home where she can feel adored and free in, yet it didn’t turn out that path as the objections poured in from neighbors and townspeople about a smell waiting around the home and requested the new city hall leader to make a move. Judge Stevens, old in his years, didn’t realize what he could do to fix the issue. He figured the smell may have been a dead rat that the guardian more likely than not executed in the yard, â€Å"It’s presumably only a snake or a rodent that nigger of hers slaughtered in the yard† (289). To calm down the protests, he said he would send the message to Ms. Emily’s worker. As more protests came in and the issue continued, a gathering of men chose to assume control over issues and made a visit to Miss Emily’s house, â€Å"They tore open the phone entryway and sprinkled lime there, and in all the out buildings† (289). After some time, the smell left. During her more youthful years, individuals felt terrible for Miss Emily. Her extraordinary auntie old woman Wyatt had gone frantic and her dad shielded her so much that he didn’t permit her excessively far from his sight. He drove everybody away. He felt that there was no youngster sufficient for his Emily, so she never wedded and didn’t have any companions. The Griersons accepted they were a higher class than most. Emily didn’t have a relationship with her family in Alabama since her dad had a dropped out with them over Aunt Wyatt’s property. At the point when Mr. Grierson kicked the bucket, Emily denied he was dead and gone out for three days. After many bombed endeavors by the townspeople to convince her to dispose of his disintegrating body, she let go and covered her dad. Presently she was in solitude and didn’t come out a lot. Time passed and it was quite a while before anybody had seen Emily, â€Å"When we saw her once more, her hair was tr immed short, making her resemble a young lady with a dubious similarity to those holy messengers in hued church windows† (290). Emily’s new look caused her to appear to be more youthful. After Emily’s father’s demise, the town paid a development organization to clear the walkways. The foreman, Homer Barron, was from up north and developed to know the townspeople. He was â€Å"a large dull, prepared men, with a major voice and eyes lighter than his face† (290). Homer was Emily’s mystery sweetheart, â€Å"Miss Emily and her darling Homer Barron, had been carrying on for most of two years† (Scherting398), regardless of whether that implied he was in any condition. Bits of gossip in the town said Homer would not get hitched, â€Å"Homer himself had commented he preferred men, and it was realized that he drank with the more youthful men in the Elks Club-that he was not a wedding man† (291). At the point when Emily mentioned arsenic from the pharmacist, the town began to become inquisitive whether she was going to murder herself or not, â€Å"I need some poison,† she said to the druggist† (290). Much to their dismay th at it was for Homer, â€Å"Emily feels so frustrated and urgent that she figures out how to harm him, feeling that along these lines she can keep him always with her† (Yang 73). Individuals frequently observed Homer and Emily together on Sunday evenings driving in a cart. A portion of the town’s women weren’t excessively satisfied with the sight. As Homer and Miss Emily fraternized, the women thought it was a disrespect to the town and a horrendous guide to the youthful people so they connected with her family in Alabama to check whether they can come and remain with her. During the cousins remain, Emily went to the store and purchased adornments, a can set,â men’s apparel and a nightshirt. They were thought to unquestionably be hitched now with Emily planning for his remain, however while the cousins were at the house, Homer left. Not long after her family members left Homer returned. After his last locating going into Miss Emily’s house, Homer was gone forever just as Miss Emily, yet now and again she would be seen by her window. Individuals thought Miss Grierson went insane. It was a long time before she would be seen once mor e, â€Å"When we next observed Miss Emily, she had developed fat and her hair was turning gray† (292). Emily got sick and kicked the bucket down the stairs in one of the rooms. The burial service was held days after Miss Emily’s passing. Her family and the townspeople came to make their last view. Women about, men in their confederate garbs, on the patio and in the yard, they held up after Emily was covered before they went in the room that hadn’t been visited in decades. At the point when the entryway was separated, dust occupied the room. Inside, it seemed as though a groundwork for a wedding; embellished with blurred rose shading blinds and lights. Over the room stood a dressing table with precious stone set in column and a man’s discolored, silver latrine set. There additionally rest a neckline and tie. Holding tight a seat, a suit carefully collapsed and joined by certain shoes and socks. To the onlookers shock, lying among everything rest Homer. Underneath his nightshirt, his body was shaped to fit a grasp. Engraved on a pad close to his rotted remains; touched by time, laid a space of a head. In the peak of the space rest a solit ary long, dim strand of hair from Miss Emily head. It was not until her last day of death that the perusers could completely picture Emily as being crazy. Having being denied male friendship by her dad, she was urgent for adoration. She was insane to such an extent that she slaughtered the man she adored and utilized her highborn situation to conceal the homicide. By murdering Homer, she didn’t understand that she was condemning herself to add up to disconnection, no contact with any person or thing from the outside world. The storyteller convinced the peruser to accept that Emily killed Homer and afterward safeguarded his body at the time of her most foreseen day.

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How To Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once In No Time

The most effective method to Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once In No Time Envision how much simpler your life would be in the event that you could simply refresh every single social medium immediately What's more, imagine a scenario in which you could go past that to just calendar social messages to distribute now and well into what's to come. Furthermore, imagine a scenario in which you could do it all in a couple of simple minutes. Youd take care of the clear record issue since you know postingâ to web based life reliably is significant, butâ doing it reliably or in any event, realizing where to begin is its very own test. Youd turn what was a tediousâ nightmareâ into an effective and repeatable process. Youd disregard signing all through each web-based social networking accountâ andâ setting suggestions to share things. There must be a superior method to set it and overlook it! Youd really discover time to post on the entirety of your informal communities. Its simple to abstain from posting when it sucks up your valuable time however now youd be sorted out enoughâ to truly center around making far and away superior web based life content, expanding your commitment, developing your following. All things considered, your creative mind truly isnt running that wild since you can post to numerous interpersonal organizations without a moment's delay and well past with an excellent and simple to-utilize device I like to call . Instructions to Post To Multiple #SocialNetworks At Once In No TimeHeres a sneak look of precisely what I mean by presenting on every single social medium without a moment's delay with : Presently, to make sure I dont lose track of the main issue at hand and to assist you with picking the application that presents on every single social medium that is directly for you-lets investigate where to begin right through a genuine case of how this functions. Step by step instructions to Find Your App That Posts To All Social Media Your initial step is to make an agenda of what you need from an application to assist you with picking a definitive best instrument for you. Here are the positive unquestionable requirements on your rundown to assist you with tackling the issue of posting on numerous informal organizations now while likewise helping you effectively scale yourâ social media technique. [ ] An App To Manage All Of Your Social Media Accounts So as to post to every single social medium on the double, you have to discover an apparatus that encourages you deal with the entirety of your records in a single spot. Make an online networking accounts rundown to kick you off. Here are a couple of things to consider You have business profiles: Facebook page Facebook gatherings Twitter handles Pinterest profile LinkedIn organization profile Google+ page You have individual profiles: Facebook profile Facebook gatherings Twitter handles Pinterest profile LinkedIn profile Tumblr blog Youll need to discover an appâ to post to numerous informal communities where you as of now have accounts. This will help you organizeâ all of your web based life, center your endeavors around the correct profiles, and post reliably to each record. [ ] An App That Posts To Multiple Social Networks At Once Easily This is somewhat of a given since refreshing the entirety of your web-based social networking immediately isâ the issue you have to fathom. Be that as it may, theres a contrast between an application that can do this versus one that is designedâ to make this a simple procedure. [ ] An App That Helps You Write A Variety Of Social Media Messages At Once Numerous apparatuses may assist you with keeping in touch with one message and shoot it to the entirety of your interpersonal organizations. Be that as it may, your followersâ on Twitter likely expect unexpected informing in comparison to your fans on Facebook. You need an application that causes you compose an assortment of messages so you can tailor them to the extraordinary encounters your crowd expects on various social networks. This will assist you with expanding your range, help your commitment, and develop your following. [ ] An App That Helps You Switch Up Visuals In Your Messages Visual contentâ is perhaps the most ideal approaches to ensure your web based life messages hang out in packed news sources. Be that as it may, GIFs perform well on Twitter and dont even energize on Pinterest where longer pictures overwhelm your adherents screens. Since you found an application that causes you post to every single social medium without a moment's delay while fitting your messages to each system, yourâ next checkmark is to ensure that the toolâ supports visuals and that you can pick them explicitly for each system or message. [ ] An App That Helps You Schedule Once While Sharing At The Best Times For Engagement Without a doubt, you need an apparatus that presents on your interpersonal organizations now. In any case, why notâ do crafted by composing your messages once while consequently postingâ your online networking messages at the most perfectly awesome occasions to expand your commitment and snap throughs? [ ] An App That Helps You Post To Social Media Well Beyond Right Now Definitely, this is like ensuring you share at the most flawlessly awesome occasions. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that you could likewise plan more messages to send tomorrow, consistently, or even a month or two from now. Findâ a device that causes you plan out well past today so you can post the entirety of your messages today while reliably sharingâ relevant content with your adherents well past the present moment. [ ] An App That Helps You Save Your Work As A Template To Quickly Post New Content In The Future So you simply found an application that will assist you with composing messages for each system and associate amazing visuals to each. It additionally encourages you post at the most perfectly awesome occasions and permits you to plan internet based life messages tomorrow, one week from now, and past. Discover an application that encourages you spare that web based life presenting plan on reuse it as a layout. That willâ save you time by doing theâ hard stuff once, help youâ turn your online life posting into a repeatable and effective procedure, and assist you with sharing magnificent substance reliably to develop your following. Win-win-win! [ ] An App That Helps You See Everything Youre Posting At Once The more messages you post to your interpersonal organizations, the more youll need an approach to see everything that is going out. Quest for a device that gives you a visual initially perspective on the web based life messages youll post each day of the week and permits you to effortlessly drag and dropâ your messages to different days varying. [ ] An App That Helps You Manage Your Social Media Projects You most likely have blog entries toâ share via web-based networking media, crusades to oversee, and curation to compose. Why not discover a device that causes you get totally sorted out with every last bit of it in one spot total withâ as numerous work processes as you need? Shop Around, But Will Fill Up Your Checklist Youve most likely got it, yet is the universes just internet based life schedule that will checkâ off each point in your agenda. Lets investigate how you canâ use to post on various informal organizations without a moment's delay (and past). Deal with All Of Your Social Media Accounts In One Place Basically sign in to your online life accounts, at that point interface them into . Once youre set up, you wont need to stress over signing all through your social networksâ to post your messages in light of the fact that youll plan everything to send through . Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once You can without much of a stretch compose a message, pick a picture, andâ post that equivalent message to numerous records immediately. Stage 1 and 2: Step 3:â Stage 4: While this is a thing you can do, I suggest fitting each message you send toâ a explicit interpersonal organization. This training will assist you with composing for each system in like manner to assist you with expanding your span, commitment, and snap throughs. The accompanying advances will assist you with figuring out how to do precisely that. Compose Awesome Messages With Social Text Helpers Utilize social assistants to compose messagesâ that you can reuse without reordering. I like to compose social textâ helpersâ specifically for each system, at that point get motivation for the genuine messages from: Questions: Close-finished inquiries that leave supporters noting yes or no are demonstrated to increaseâ click-throughs. Details: Share a fascinating reality from your substance. Numbers will in general draw clicks, as well. Blog titles: There are three sorts of features that get shared more than some other how to, rundown, and question. Discussion: Make your perusers question what they think they definitely know to get clicks. Accounts: What do you accept that runs contrary to the natural order of things of regular conviction? Taking your supporters by surprise can build clicks. Funniness: About half of every single social medium usersâ share content that engages. Get reshares byâ sharing interesting substance that interests to your devotees enthusiastic should be engaged. Quotes: Did you notice something an influencer said in the substance youre sharing? Statements like that make forâ powerful social messages. Advantages: The deep rooted question your crowd continually asks themselves before navigating to peruse your substance is, Whats in it for me? Write internet based life messages that help your crowd develop themselves and accomplish self-satisfaction. Scraps: Subheadlines,â powerful sentences, and messages in boxes all work well for as thoughts for social messages. Remember Awesome Images For Your Messages With Social Image Helpers Next, stir up your visuals in your messages to change up your posting schedule. When you utilize social picture assistants in , you can undoubtedly reuse your pictures in various web based life messages without reordering. Facebook model: Twitter model: Estimating pictures accurately for each system can assist you with expanding your commitment, and social picture partners make it simple to post those effectively for each system. Heres some motivation for the sorts of pictures that perform well via web-based networking media: Infographics: This is the most-shared sort of substance. Infographics perform especially well on Pinterest. Statement illustrations: Grab a ground-breaking quote from your substance and insert it in a realistic. This strategy is normal on LinkedIn. Vivified GIFs: Motion hangs out in occupied news sources. Enlivened GIFs perform well on Twitter. Title illustrations: You invest a ton of energy in your features remember them for your web based life pictures to catch consideration right away. Title illustrations will in general perform well on Twitter. Small infographics: Sometimes, its pleasant to summariz

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Banking Resume Examples, Template, and Resume Tips

Banking Resume Examples, Template, and Resume Tips Ever since the creation of money banks have been a very important factor in managing people’s money and assets, in one way or another.Banks are often seen in a ‘bad cop’ role nowadays, due to their greediness and certain difficulties some people could have with them.However, one does not simply live in a world without banks, as they are a very important part of our every-day lives.That much was shown throughout history, from the Great Depression to Financial crisis in 2008. In every major crisis banks were the main participants, but also the main solution to the problem. Well, not always, but in most cases. Rest in peace Lehman Brothers!Due to modern, fast-changing business model, there are a lot of different job positions related to business, and not too few of them are closely related to banking.Accompanying that, there are a lot of schools and universities that focus on business, so we could say that the competition in the labor market is strong.In order for you, an individu al with great motivation to enter the world of banking, to distinguish yourself from the crowd of similar people and get noticed by companies, you need to leave an excellent first impression.How to do that, you may ask? Well, the first contact you will ever have with companies is probably via emails, where you need to send them your resume.That means your resume is the first thing they will see about you.Since the first impression matters the most, you need to make your resume look and feel perfect. However,   that is easier said than done, since there are a lot of things to think of.Today we are here to go through the entire process together.We are going to present you some of the best examples of banking resumes and then explain what information should be included in your resume, how you can do it and how to properly structure your banking resume.After that, we’ll go over some, at first glance smaller, but also very important things regarding creating your banking resume and app lying for a job.So, without any further delay, let’s start!Taxation Officer Resume Example Right Account Executive Resume Example Right Create your own resumeWHAT KIND OF PERSONAL INFORMATION TO WRITE IN BANKING RESUME AND GET THAT DREAM JOB?As stated above, leaving the first impression matters a lot when it comes to defeating your competition on a labor market.And yes, the best way to do that is by having a very good resume, since there are a lot of people to compete in the banking sector.So, how to start with making a perfect resume, you may be thinking?Imagine meeting someone for the first time. You would shake hands, say your names and say something about yourself.There isn’t much difference when it comes to writing a resume.There are several important information to include here, which we are going to address right now.Full nameWhat you want to do first is write your name, so recruiters would know who you are and how to address you.However, since the resume is kind of a business meeting, you should be professional and write your full name, without using any funny nicknames and such.Let’s take a look at the example below.Robert Kirkley RightRobert 'CEO' Kirkley WrongAs you can see in the example, using just your full name is a win-win situation.Also, in some areas, it is common to introduce yourself only with your family name, mostly in academic circles.However, don’t do that in a resume and simply use your full name, which will make it look a bit more professional.ProfessionAnother important bit of information is your current or past title.If you are an experienced person who changed several jobs and companies, make sure to state your last or current job title underneath your name.If you don’t have any experience, you could use your highest education title as well.PhotoPeople often ask whether or not they should put a photo in their resumes.While not being mandatory most of the time, it is always a good idea to include some photo when making your resume. Some jobs even require you to do so, such as modeling, sales, promotions, etc.However, before putting some random photo from I nstagram, you should listen to what we have to say. You shouldn’t put just any photo on your resume.The photo itself has to look professional since you want your entire resume looks professional.So, dress in some nice shirt, make your hair to look good and take some nice pictures on which your attitude could be presented in the best possible way.That means you shouldn’t use some photo from Instagram where you drink beer with your buddies or play volleyball on the Hawaii beach.Phone numberContact information is a very important bit of information that should always be put in a resume.The general idea is that emails are the main channel of communication between the company and applicants.However, emails are sometimes not reliable, so it is always a good idea to share some additional contact information, such as phone number.Some recruiters also prefer to talk directly to applicants, in order to assess their attitude even before they meet them in person.And it is easier to talk tha n write a bunch of emails to 50 or more applicants.So, make sure to share your phone number and be ready to talk if they call you back.AddressOne of the information that is not really necessary to be put in a banking resume is the address where you live.However, doing so could greatly benefit your negotiating position.For example, if you live a long way from the company, they might offer you paid transportation or even increase your salary for the amount you would need to pay for the daily transportation from your home to the company.Also, if you apply for a job in a big company, they might use this information to put you in an office that is closer to your home, so you wouldn’t have to travel a long distance to go to work.E-Mail AddressProbably the most important contact information you simply have to put in your resume is your email address.It is the most used channel of communication between employees and employers, as well as between company recruiters and job applicants.One t hing to note here is that you shouldn’t use just any email. It is better to create a separate email, which will only be used for business purposes.In that regard, use your full name or short name abbreviation.Never use emails with your nicknames in it because it would look very WrongAs you can see in the example above, we used full name to make a completely new email, just for business purposes.When it comes to choosing the right email provider, there isn’t any specific rule. Just make sure to use better-known ones, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.Social media profilesSince the age of the internet arrived, there has been an increased rate of business throughout the entire world. New businesses can rise and function completely over the internet, such as Amazon.Things were also changed in all other sectors, as well as in the banking sector. Banking processes are now much faster and the time of waiting has been drastically reduced.Along with this, there is the coming of social media platforms.They completely changed the way business work nowadays, especially in the marketing area.Some people, like Tai Lopez, used this fact and managed to become even more successful by utilizing digital marketing strategies to promote their businesses.Because of that, a lot of people started to share their social media profiles on their resumes, as one of the ways to promote themselves and add some additional contact options.However, before you share some of your social media profiles, make sure to edit them to look more professional. That goes for both profiles and links.For instance, if you want to share your LinkedIn profile, make sure to edit the link, as shown in the example WrongA SUMMARY THAT WILL WOW EVERY EMPLOYER!Even though resumes should be short, they should also contain some crucial information about your experience , education, and skills.That can often mean you will have to include a lot of information and additional bulleting points.Therefore, you should write a short summary of your banking skills and possible experiences you might’ve had so far. If you achieved something important, make sure to include that as well.The summary should only be couple of sentences long, so you don’t have to worry about it too much.Let’s take a look at the example below.SummaryTaxation officer with over 4 years of experience as a taxation officer and financial analyst. Has advanced knowledge of Syntax and MS Access for filling the client database. Capable of conducting in-depth financial analysis and developing advanced financial, marketing and sales operations in order to increase clients revenues. Looking to further implement all these skills for the benefit of the company. RightSummaryTaxation officer with over 4 years of experience. WrongAs you can see, the summary should be as detailed as possible , while trying to be as short as possible. However, don’t make it too short and try to include only the most important information about yourself.This is a perfect way for recruiters to introduce themselves to everything that will be included in your resume, without having to read everything and take notes themselves.HOW TO WRITE MY EXPERIENCE IN THE BANKING RESUME LIKE A PRO?When it comes to writing your banking experience, it is important to note several points that would make your resume look beautiful and organized.First of all, never start with the first job you’ve ever had. Instead, you should start with your latest job, as shown in the example below. Right WrongAs you can see, apart from just stating the jobs and companies’ names, it is also a good idea to write a couple of points regarding your tasks on each job.If you achieved something important on some of these jobs, make sure to include that as well, such as increasing revenue for your company by using some innovative methods, etc.IS IT IMPORTANT TO WRITE YOUR EDUCATION PROPERLY IN A BANKING RESUME?Same as with writing the experience, when you write something about your education, make sure to write your latest education first. If you have a lot of experience, you don’t have to write every school you’ve ever attended.Also, don’t hesitate to write several points for each school, describing some important skills you’ve earned or your GPA scores if they were good.Also, if you managed to get onto the Dean’s list for several semesters in a row, or if criteria were very high, make sure to include that as well.What you could also add, are some business case studies related to banking if you attended some.That would show recruiters that you’ve had some ambition even during your school days. Right WrongWHAT KIND OF SKILLS ARE NEEDED FOR BANKING JOBS AND HOW TO PUT IT RIGHT?Most of us have a lot of different skills. It is always a good thing to know more than less, of course.But, you should never include all of your skills in your resume.You should only put skills that could be useful for the job you’re applying for.To think about it more clearly, check the example.SkillsSQLMS OfficeSyntaxKnowledge of financial marketsFrench-proficient user RightSkillsPythonGood with childrenGood communication skills WrongAs you can see, banking jobs require some specific set of skills.Yes, it’s fine to be good with children and know how to work with Python, but those skills are pretty useless when it comes to managing people’s accounts or performing financial risk analysis.Another thing to note is that you should separate your skills by a point, to make them look more organized and easier to read.This way recruiters will be able to easily compare your set of skills with the skills th ey need for the job position they offer.If you want, you could also create different categories of skills, by splitting into, for example, professional, language and other skills.THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!Now that we had learned why it is important to have a good resume if you want to apply for a job, and discussed what are the most important aspects of each banking resume, let’s move on and talk about some additional things you should consider when you decide to make a resume for a banking job.Font style. Just to be clear, there is no magic wand that will give you the job you want. If you want it, you have to make sure to get it by yourself. Same goes for having a good resume. Nice-looking font won’t be enough to beautify your resume enough for it to be appealing to the recruiters.That said, we can say with certainty that there isn’t any font style that you should specifically useful when writing a banking resume. All you need to think about is picking one that would look nice when combined with the template you make or find on the internet.One good tip though is that you shouldn’t use font styles that resemble handwritten style since it is much harder to read that kind of script, which could make the entire selection process harder for recruiters.Size of a resume. You’ve probably met a fair share of people who tend to make their resumes really long, like more than 3 or 4 pages. You might think that it is a good thing, having that many experiences and things to put on your resume.However, as the name itself suggests, a resume is simply a short summary of someone’s life and professional career, so it shouldn’t be too long. Yes, having a lot of experience is fine when applying for a banking job, but you have to make it look good in a resume, so removing some non-essential information is a good idea.Optimal resume size is 1, maximum 2 pages. Trust us when we say this, it is possible to put every important information, even if you are a very expe rienced banker with over 10, 15 or even 20+ years of experience behind you, and still not go over those 2 pages. Short and organized. That’s the winning combination.Bulleting list. Apart from not being too long, another important bit of a good banking resume is for it to be well-organized. Good structure is simple to make and if you follow our guide, you won’t have any issues with it.One way to structure your resume well and make it look organized is to use bulleting lists. So, instead of writing lines and lines of text, you can simply use points to state the most important information you need to share in your banking resume.For example, as seen above, you could add short points for jobs you did or the schools you had attended, as well as dividing your skills by using different points. It makes it easier for recruiters to read all of this, which speeds up the recruitment process and give you higher chances of getting invited to an interview.File format. Think about this. Would you rather read a document or an e-book which is in TXT or PDF file? The right answer for probably most of us is PDF format. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your banking resume in PDF format.But, there is more. Let’s say you have to update your resume with new information. Then you open your PDF file and you think “Damn, I can’t edit my resume like this!”. Well, it might be possible, but you would have to bother with it too much.Because of that, it would also be a very good idea to keep a copy of your resume in a TXT file as well. This say, you will be able to easily edit existing and add new important information to your banking resume.Resume template. Making good banking resume may take you some time and effort, especially if you want to make your own template and give your resume a certain personality. And it is always better to do it by yourself than to find some custom templates.However, there are some very good resume templates out there. But, chances are that a l ot of people have already downloaded that same template and that person who recruited you had probably seen that sort of template style before.It is not necessarily a bad thing, but remember that the reason for making a good resume is to distinguish yourself from the competition by leaving a memorable first impression by showcasing your experience and skills in a perfect banking resume.But, if you decide to pick some custom template, after all, make sure to select those that would fit well with the job position you’re applying for, as well as with your own experience and capabilities.Checking emails. As mentioned above, emails are the main way of communication between recruiters and job applicants. Applicants usually apply by sending their resumes via email address and recruiters review those documents and invite potential candidates on interviews, mostly via email as well.Sometimes, emails tend to get buggy and put very important mails to the ‘Spam’ folder, for which you donâ €™t get notified via phone or even when open your email in browsers. The only way to see them is to go directly to the ‘Spam’ folder.This could potentially hurt your business applications, in case you miss the reply from recruiters, for instance. Therefore, our recommendation is to always check your emails regularly, even ‘Spam’ folder, so this wouldn’t happen to you.Double-checking your resume. Did you finish writing your resume? Great! Now, read it again! Whenever you write or update a resume, make sure to re-read it after you’re done writing it. This is very important because it could help you find some mistakes you might’ve made in the process.The best way to do this is to imagine yourself being a recruiter. That way, you will be able to recognize both good and bad things. Now that you know what mistakes you made, you can easily learn from them and edit your resume to be as perfect as possible. Once you are satisfied with it, you are ready to apply!Including politi cal views in your banking resume. Politics can have a large impact on banking systems, thus, also affecting banking jobs and regulations, since it is all linked to corporate finance as well. So, you could say that in economics, business and banking there is always some sort of political influence.However, that doesn’t mean you should state your political views in your resume if you decide to apply for a job position related to banking. Why is that, you may ask?Well, even though real professionals are objective, you can never know whether someone will take your political views into account during the selection process. So, it is better not to mention any political views, just to be safe. If you are asked about it in the interview, however, make sure to answer.Making grammar mistakes. One of the most important tips we have for you today is to NEVER leave grammar mistakes in your resume. You should ALWAYS make sure there are none. That’s another reason you should read your resume a fter it is done, apart from checking whether all information you put is important.Remember, you are trying to look professional in the eyes of recruiters, and having grammar mistakes in your banking resume would just cause the opposite effect. To avoid that, you could use software like Grammarly or something similar. You can simply add it to your Word as a free extension.Keeping your resume updated. People learn new things over time. We acquire new skills, which we can later use as a tool for doing our jobs or solving every-day problems.Along with that, the business environment is very dynamic. People change jobs more often than before, so you never know when a good business opportunity could come up. Therefore, you should always be ready to apply when that happens.In order to always be ready, your resume should be ready too. And it can only be ready at any given time if you update it regularly. Add new important information, new experiences, new skills and knowledge you’ve acquir ed over time.CONCLUSIONIn this guide, we covered everything you need to know about how to create a perfect banking resume.We went over a couple of examples and then used them to analyze each individual part that matters.Last, we finish with some general things you should think about when creating your own banking resume.What remains now, is for you to step up and do it!Create that good banking resume and apply for the job you want so badly.However, if you still feel a bit unsure about how to do this, feel free to use our resume template builder, which you can use to make an excellent resume in a matter of minutes. Create your own resume

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Analysis Of Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner

As individuals, and families clamor for the opportunity to reside in the United States of America and pursue the American dream, it is evident that the land of the free and home of the brave emblematizes a meaning which extends greater than the breadth of newfound wealth. In Khaled Hosseini’s novel â€Å"The Kite Runner,† the main character Amir, the son of a wealthy, altruistic, and respected merchant, spends his childhood seeking for acceptance with his father, and through this process, narcissism voraciously ravages Amir’s thoughts leading him with an abiding guilt. Likewise, this foremost concern of self-preservation, gave way to the blistering, wintery day in 1975 which changed Amir’s life is gashed by the wrath of guilt, a wound which began to close due to the hardships which he had to endure while emigrating to the United States of America. Ultimately, the magnanimous, tabula rasa known as the United States of America paved the way for Amir to recip rocate the devotion that those around him continually displayed, a devotion to sacrifice. All in all, the laborious peregrination towards the American dream, whereas it functions as a socioeconomic crux in the lives of many immigrants and American citizens alike, served as an emotional climacteric, emblematic of the manner in which Amir managed to become the culmination of Baba’s only dream, a noble son. Famed photojournalist Tim Hetherington once elucidated â€Å"Brotherhood means laying down your life for somebody, really willingShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner881 Words   |  4 PagesIn the novel ,The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the main character Amir is a coward. Amir lives in Kabul, Afghanistan. His best friend Hassan lives with him and is his best friend. In reality Amir is Hassan’s owner. Baba adopted Hassan when he was a baby and he became their servant. Amir becomes very jealous of him and then becomes a coward. Amir was so jealous of Hassan that he even wanted a scar,â€Å"I wished I too had a scar that would beget Baba’s sympathy. It wasn’t fair.† (Hosseini, p 50)Read MoreAnalysis Of Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner1697 Words   |  7 Pagesstated that what happens in the course of a day has the power to change the rest of our lives forever. This passage exemplifies how monumental our actions are and how one seemingly small action has the power to change our lives. In Khaled Hosseinis The Kite Runner, it is suggested that individuals can atone for the bad things they have done in their past: consequently, we explore the idea that taking responsibility for past actions is only possible if the person who seeks redemption first admitsRead MoreCritical Analysis Of The Kite Runner1090 Words   |  5 Pages– H 31 October 2017 Consequences of War: A Critical Analysis of the Kite Runner On a day to day basis, an individual is faced with an obstacle they must overcome, ultimately defining their morals and values. In the literature perspective, the novel The Kite Runner delivers multiple thematic ideas that portray the struggles of characters in their ordinary lives. Khaled Hosseini, author and physician, released his debut novel The Kite Runner in the year of 2003. This novel is written in the firstRead MoreSymbolism Of Kite Running By Khaled Hosseini1243 Words   |  5 PagesKali Denney Mr. Snyder AP Literature and Composition 11 December 2015 Symbolism of Kite Running In this essay the book being discussed is, Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Khaled Hosseini’s biography will be discussed as well as the historical influences upon him that affect the novel as a whole. The essay will contain a critical analysis as well as an analysis of the critical response to the work by others. In the novel and now a grown man, the main character Amir recalls events in his childhoodRead MoreThe Kite Runner: Forgiveness, Loyalty, and the Quest for Redemption2381 Words   |  10 PagesThe Kite Runner: Forgiveness, Loyalty, and the Quest for Redemption Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner is an award-winning novel and considered one of today’s most popular, contemporary classics. The story is one of familiar themes such as loyalty, forgiveness, betrayal, love, and redemption. It follows the tale of Amir and how he must atone for his sins and find a way to â€Å"be good again† (Hosseini 2). The quintessential message of this book relies on the idea of second chances. Themes of redemptionRead MoreHow does Hosseini tell the story of the kite runner in chapter 1?942 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿How does Hosseini tell the story of the Kite Runner in chapter 1? Khaled Hosseini uses a veritable smorgasbord of literary and narrative techniques to tell the story of ‘The Kite Runner’. From engaging in the use of foreshadowing and symbolism, to characterisation and the way he styles his prose. Below is an analysis of how he does so. As mentioned, Hosseini’s use of foreshadowing almost encapsulates the chapter. Baba states that â€Å"God [should] help us all†, anticipating the Talibans takeoverRead More Differences that Divide Essay1201 Words   |  5 Pagessociety into more easily understood â€Å"black and white† groups. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the characters, representative of the surrounding cultures portrayed, frequently participate in acts of inclusion and exclusion on the basis of ethnicity, religion, and lifestyle as a means of dividing the population into clearly defined, mutually exclusive groups. This underlying expression of discrimination serves as a modern critical analysis against society’s prevalent tenets of inequality. The firstRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of The Kite Runner 1229 Words   |  5 PagesShyanne Nobles Ms. Mastrokyriakos English 4A Literary Analysis on â€Å"The Kite Runner† Edward Michael a British adventurer, writer and television presenter of Man vs. Wild always says â€Å"survival can be summed up in three words - never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying†. The Kite Runner is a fictional book with a heartbreaking plot and struggling characters that are easily sympathetic to the readers. An Afghani child that has to make life changing decisions at such a young ageRead MoreBelonging Romulus, My Father and the Kite Runner Essay1189 Words   |  5 Pageswe all strive to belong is true, however it may take time to belong to a certain person, place, group, community or even the larger world. This issue is explored in Raimond Gaita’s biographical memoir Romulus, My Father and Khaled Hosseini’s confronting novel The Kite Runner. Throughout these texts, the themes of personal relationships, migrant experience and morals and values arise from the concept of belonging and are explored through the use of languag e devices. In Romulus, My Father, RaimondRead MoreThe Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini2301 Words   |  10 PagesSummary The novel The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, is the story of a young, upper class boy by the name of Amir and his friend, a lower class boy named Hassan. While Amir is a Pashtun and a Sunni Muslim, Hassan is a Hazara and a Shi’a muslim, which causes the main conflict between the two. Amir and Hassan learn more and more about their social status, as well as their personal friendships and problems as they grow up in Afghanistan. Analysis of the Majour Themes and Conflicts

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The Character of Monsieur Meursault in The Stranger Essay

The Character of Monsieur Meursault in The Stranger Camus entitled his novel The Stranger because his protagonist actually was a stranger to both his associates and his surroundings. Monsieur Meursault was never really known by anyone. Nobody ever knew what really made Meursault tick and nobody ever really knew what motivated him. Meursault was a wanderer throughout his life. Meursault was also a stranger because he did not understand other people’s motivations either. Meursault formed relationships easily enough and interacted with others. But, it was obvious that Meursault interacted in these relationships the way other people expected him to. For example, when Meursault invited Salamano into his house, he eventually†¦show more content†¦Here, the reader sees that Meursault notices that he is doing well in the conversation and he takes note of it. Meursault is also very distant from everyone he meets and interacts with. He was distant at his mother’s funeral and he was distant with Marie and he was distant with the police both times he was questioned. At Maman’s funeral, Meursault paid more attention to his surroundings, the nurse with the bandaged face, the bright sunlight and the caretaker than he did his mother’s body. He did not even enter a time of mourning. Meursault did not want to look at his mother or have the casket opened. Instead, he drank coffee and smoked cigarettes. This proves Meursault’s distance from his mother. Meursault also is distant with the woman who eventually should become his fiancee. He enjoys Marie’s company. But, it seems like her enjoys her as a woman rather than as an individual. Marie’s breasts seem to be Meursault favorite part about her. Meursault is also distant when dealing with the police. It appears as if he is watching himself deal with other people while outside of his own body. He reports the lawyers’ and judge’s questioning matter of factly and stoically. One passage that involves the courtroom and the variety of people in it, shows how alone MeursaultShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Hero in The Stranger by Albert Camus787 Words   |  4 Pages The Hero in Camus’s The Stranger (The Outsider)nbsp; Certain novels include a character who, based solely on his actions, would appear to be evil, but in an in-depth examination, can be seen in a different, more sympathetic light. The character Meursault, in Albert Camus’s The Stranger, is notable for this description. While his murderous crime and indifference to emotions make him seem to be cretinous, his dramatic transformation at the end of the story make us feel for him. When he finallyRead MoreJudgment in Peter Shaffers Equus and Albert Camus The Stranger1160 Words   |  5 PagesPersonal judgment in Peter Shaffer’s Equus and Albert Camus’ The Stranger, though internal in the first and external in the latter, mirrors society’s judgment of those who differ from the norm. The two postmodernist authors both use judgment as a tool to promote the postmodern idea that society oppresses and criticizes people who are not like everyone else. Camus and Shaffer place specific motifs and elements into their nove ls in order to push the idea of societal judgment on the reader. HoweverRead MoreRelationship Between Religion and Isolation in the Stranger and Chronicle of a Death Foretold1512 Words   |  7 PagesTo Pray or Not to Pray: An exploration into the relationship between religion and isolation in The Stranger and Chronicle of a Death Foretold Religion is a major foundation for many cultures. It is present all over the world in many different shapes and forms. But all religions have one thing in common, communality. Naturally, with rituals such as congregation people of religion are brought together. This community worships together, but this relationship extends further than the confines of aRead MoreHow do both The Stranger by Albert Camus and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen explore free will?1631 Words   |  7 Pagesvery first line of Albert Camus’ The Stranger, â€Å"Maman died today,† (Camus 3) the quirky character of Meursault is shown to be different. The same holds true with Henrik Ibsen’s classic play, A Doll’s House, concerning Nora, a mother who abandons her family in order to pursue her own happiness. Both characters, while set in opposing societies, exhibit similar characteristics: a courageous, if not reckless, pursuit of happiness, be it physical in the case of Meursault or mental for Nora, and the relentlessRead MoreThe Hero in Camus’s the Stranger (the Outsider)775 Words   |  4 PagesCertain novels include a character who, based solely on his actions, would appear to be evil, but in an in-depth examination, can be seen in a different, more sympathetic light. The character Meursault, in Albert Camus’s The Stranger, is notable for this description. While his murderous crime and indifference to emotions make him seem to be cretinous, his dramatic transformation at the end of the story make us feel for him. When he finally grasps the theme of the book, embracing the â€Å"gentle indifference†Read MoreEssay The Stranger1275 Words   |  6 PagesThe Stranger In the book The Stranger, the main character, Meursault, is a stranger to himself, and to life. Meursault is a person who is emotionally and physically detached from the world. He seemingly cares only about himself, but at the same time could be concerned little about what happens to him. The title, the Stranger, could indicate Meursaults disconnection and indifference to the world that surrounds him and, therefore, his role as a stranger in the book. The title could also implyRead MoreCrime and Punishment vs the Stranger Essay1229 Words   |  5 PagesThe novels The Stranger by Albert Camus and Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky are both murder novels that explores the inner thoughts of the killers. Camus and Dostoevsky wrote novels that portrays a young man committing murder and how the young man faces the consequences and deals with the horrible crime the which he has committed. Albert Camus and Fyodor Dostoevsky uses two different points of view in each of their novels, f irst person point of view and third person point of view, respectivelyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Stranger 3437 Words   |  14 Pages The Stranger in Us All: How Camus’s Classic Connects to Other Philosophical Works Macy French Tusculum College Author’s Note This paper was prepared for Dr. Harlow’s Quest for Meaning class at Tusculum College Albert Camus once said â€Å"Forever I shall be a stranger to myself† (Camus, 1942/2004, p 453). In his classic novel, The Stranger, the main character is the archetypal absurd man who lives only in the realm of his own aesthetic until being faced with his own death (CamusRead MoreParental Influence on Clashes with Society in Love in the Time of Cholera and The Stranger1620 Words   |  7 PagesGabriel Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez and Algerian writer Albert Camus, introduce how their characters conflict with socialization as a result of their cultivation in Love in the Time of Cholera and The Stranger respectively. In Mà ¡rquez’s novel, the key female role is assigned to Fermina Daza, a middle class Latina in the 1800s-1900s, expected to hold prestige and marry wealthy by her father and societal pressures. In The Stranger, Meursault, the protagonist, develops a niche for logic rather than influence which providesRead MoreChronicle of a Death Foretold and the Stranger1538 Wor ds   |  7 PagesExpectations in A Chronicle of A Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez and The Stranger by Albert Camus Everyone has felt the pressure of societal expectations during their lifetime. The negative effects society brings on one’s life can lead to a feeling of rejection towards the people who do not conform to meet those standards. Gabriel Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez, author of Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and Albert Camus, author of The Stranger, both construct the external moral conflict of society versus the protagonist

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Why L.A. Used as Setting for Most Disaster Movies. Free Essays

HENOS WOLDE Instructor: STARR GOODE English 1 Essay 3 10/29/2012 Why L. A. used as setting for most disaster movies. We will write a custom essay sample on Why L.A. Used as Setting for Most Disaster Movies. or any similar topic only for you Order Now Through decades of disaster films, Los Angeles has been targeted by aliens, toppled by temblors, sunken by tsunamis, leveled by lava, and a rogue tornado once took out the Hollywood sign. Even though in real life los angels is not such a disastrous it nonetheless faces constant destruction in movies, on television, and in books; in the collective imagination, the city burns and burns. Los angels is used as a setting for most disastrous movies because the city is home to Hollywood and the movie business, so the artists who write about, direct and execute mass destruction in Los Angeles are often intimately familiar with the territory and find it convenient to destroy los angels in their films. Los Angeles is a popular disaster movie locale because it is home of the entertainment capital of the world Hollywood, its famous landmarks, and its geography. Los Angeles is home to the entertainment capital of the world Hollywood, which explains why L. A. is often used as a setting for most disaster movies. To destroy a big city in movies takes a lot of time and work. It would make it even harder to travel far away to shoot these movies. To make the destruction look realistic, Hollywood movie makers have to work extra hard and film non stop making sure they get every little detail right. It would make it very challenging to film these movies far away from the studio. For these reason Hollywood apparently wants to destroy all of Los Angeles. For example, the city is going down in flames in DEMOLITION MAN, turned into an island in ESCAPE FROM L. A. , and obliterated in THE BIG ONE: THE GREAT LOS ANGELES EARTHQUAKE. Perhaps Hollywood has no particular malice toward Los Angeles but simply destroys it cinematically because â€Å"it’s there,† at hand, nearby, easy to drive to and blow up, burn down, and shake apart while the cameras roll. With these disaster movies Hollywood has perfected the cinema of conspicuous destruction, certainly a defining aspect of American movie technology. Los Angeles is also a city filled with internationally recognized landmarks. The Hollywood sign, the Capitol Records building, City Hall and the skyscrapers of down town makes the movies convenient for cinematic shorthand. Almost everybody recognizes these landmarks and when they see it being destroyed in movies, it allows the scale of the disaster to strike the audience greatly. By far, L. A. ‘s biggest cinematic target is the famous nine-letter landmark perched in the Hollywood hills. When people see the Hollywood sign being destroyed by natural disaster or alien attack, the idea behind it is to exaggerates the power of the destruction and to shock viewers with a realistic image of these familiar monument’s falling apart. Apart from its landmarks, L. A. s a popular disaster-movie locale because of its geography. Sitting in a seismic zone on the western edge of the continent, it is surrounded by beaches, mountains and deserts. In real life, the city is subject to floods, fires, earthquakes and big waves, so seeing freeways collapse or Santa Monica swallowed up by the sea isn’t such a stretch. Hollywood takes great advantage of these landmarks to destroy Los Angeles. Some People als o love watching Los Angeles get destroyed because they believe It’s nice to mess up the great weather and see it being destroyed by natural disasters. But regardless of the on screen devastation, Fire, earthquakes, floods, volcanos, and a few alien invasions have destroyed the City of Los Angeles. Even though 1000’s of disastrous movies have been made in the City, these movies have made the City a Famous landmark. Ultimately, heaving destruction on Los Angeles also shows Hollywood’s sense of humor and optimism. It’s an odd kind of Western optimism where Los Angeles always seems to start over again, like a phoenix rising from its own destruction. Los angeles also makes it easier for Hollywood actors to destroy it because of its geography and world wide recognized landmarks. L. A. is good at playing itself in film. It’s a familiar face and it is always expected to get blown up and somehow miraculously reappear in the next summer blockbuster. Interestingly, there are always a few survivors in these films, along with a message of hope. Even thought Los Angeles is used as a setting of disaster in most of its movies, there’s always hope for change and resurrection as well. How to cite Why L.A. Used as Setting for Most Disaster Movies., Essay examples

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Depending on ones point of ... free essay sample

Depending on ones point of view, reconstruction was both a success and a failure. But overall, it was successful. Reconstruction was successful in meeting its basic goals of returning the South to the Union and increasing economic, political, religious and social freedoms and citizenship for former slaves. All the former slave states pledged loyalty to the U.S. Government, drafted new state constitutions and acknowledged the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. However, reconstruction was a failure in that, despite initial successes, creating and maintaining civil rights for African-Americans was difficult to achieve.The successes of reconstruction were many as it gave African-Americans the ability (right) to participate in all levels of government, attend public school, establish institutions such as churches and schools and their own families, acquire land of their own and achieve full civil rights enshrined in our constitution. In short, reconstruction established a new democracy where all people, black and white, are equal. Despite these successes, reconstruction failed many federal and state governments failed African-Americans because they didnt secure the rights guaranteed them by constitutional amendments. Some failures of reconstruction are the failure to preserve black-white voter alliances that were necessary to maintain if political change were to be effected, Radical Republican governments didnt (werent able to) allow needed land reform that would have provided former slaves needed economic resources to break their cycle of poverty, racial bias against African-Americans nationally was rampant, the Supreme Court ruled that most civil rights were ruled to be state rights and therefore, unprotected by the 14th amendment, the 15th amendment was determined not to grant voting rights to anyone, but rather to restrict certain types of voter discrimination and former slaves, in spite of and at the end of reconstruction, found themselves at the bottom rung of society as second-class citizens. Reconstruc tion, despite all the good it brought to former slaves, can be seen as a failure because in many ways they were still slaves: slaves to poverty, to a court system that didnt allow for blacks to sit as jurors where whites were on trial), to uncertain economic futures for themselves and their families (e.g. , sharecropping, shut out on land sales), to anti-progressive legislation meant to reverse rights to African-Americans and to the those who wished to inflict pain and suffering on them (i.e., they wished to repudiate the results of the war). All this showed that some of the greatest successes of the reconstruction era were also its greatest failures—slavery has many names (e.g., apprenticeships, convict leasing).But, despite all the failures (horrors) of reconstruction, the success most important was that African-Americans never fully returned to slavery. It is on this foundation that I consider reconstruction a success. Without this, our nation wouldnt have survived as one nation.The legacy of the reconstruction is immense. It drastically changed the lives and societies in the South as they had to change to adjust to the emancipation of slaves. Reconstructions legacy is not necessarily a pretty one as after reconstruction, the South became solidly Democratic. The Democrats, once in full control, did away with many social programs, decreased expenses and limited the rights of tenants and sharecroppers. As a result, white Southerners became a powerful political force for many decades to come both in the South and nationally. Sharecropping became a way to make a living by many for many former slaves. Also, the crop lien system held a tight hold over African-American farm production. Both sharecropping and the crop lien system held African-Americans back economically. After discrimination became illegal, segregation—separate but equal—became the practice in the South to keep African-Americans separate from whites.But, I believe the biggest legacy of the era of reconstruction is on the effect it had on politics of the South. Looming large in seemingly every serious political conversation was the thought of Federal interference in the lives of white Southerners. Wanting more control over their state (local) affairs, Republican state governments in the South were soon replaced with Democrats. Democrats used reconstruction, with its many horrors that brought unwanted change to the South, they reasoned, was used as a tool for changing as many things as they could (back) to the ways they liked. The southern politicians who acted along these, of course, acted nominally for the good of the South, but in reality, banded together with other like-minded politicians, to work for their own incentives to create wealth for themselves and favored others. African-Americans did not flourish as intended after reconstruction ended. In the years following reconstruction, true freedom for African-Americans was not yet a reality. It took nearly a century for America to once-again combat racial inequality. As a result of politics shaping, encouraging, condoning and/or permitting laws, customs, thoughts, traditions, etc. that forbade, did not enable, did not permit, etc. African-Americans to advance as many had hoped they would under reconstruction, many became disillusioned, remained poor and seemingly forgotten in America.Thankfully, the thoughts of African-Americans that they played a huge part on freeing themselves was carried with them as a collective struggle for survival, as seeds to use for future success. The legacy of reconstruction is seen here because of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. They were the seeds that blossomed in the Constitution as it was rewritten by the inclusion of the amendments in it. All should work to ensure the Constitution is enforced as written. To quote Fannie Lou Hamer, a Civil Rights Activist from Ruleville, Mississippi, speaking before Congress in 1965, correctly spoke of the struggle for freedom when she said, Nobodys free until everybodys free. As to the legacy of reconstruction, I believe the most important lessons of reconstruction is that it reminds all of us that our Constitutional rights are not self-e nforcing, and we should never take our liberties for granted. Nothing is inevitable or predetermined in our lives. We must be vigilant in ever-securing our equality and freedom.